Wow! What a weekend.

March 21, 2011

Journey was honored this weekend to have Pastor Eduoard and Pastor Jonathan visiting  from our sister church in Carfour, Haiti. They shared in all three main  services, with the kids, at Selah and at New Format. It was one of those weekends when you can really feel the movement of God among his people. So let us know what you are thinking…what did God speak to you this weekend? Share your thoughts….



  1. Anointed & Holy & Blessed….this weekend was…. as God pours over us Isaiah 58 and fills out hearts and bodies and soul with His love & love of neighbors in Haiti. Having gone, I found myself this weekend and especially at Selah… with worship transcending our space…somehow joined with brothers and sisters in Haiti with a river of love flowing in both directions.

  2. That was so moving and beautiful to have Pastor Eduoard with us. His prayer over us moved me to tears – that he could come from such hard situations, with love and care for us – is amazing! It’s beautiful to see the work God is doing.
    And as I was sitting there listening, God told me: “you’re going to Haiti”. So I want to be on the team for one of the next trips. I want to go help out however I can, and to see and fellowship with these beautiful brothers and sisters. Praise God for all the good He’s working!

  3. Amazing to hear of his long journey in prayer as Pastor Eduoard heard the voice of the Lord. Perseverance when it looked hopeless; was surely a different plan than Eduoard anticipated, but what an incredible outcome when all the players where in place. God is rich in mercy and provision! We have so many lessons to learn about stepping out of our timing and being faithful in prayer WITH EXPECTATION that God is up to a MIGHTY WORK!

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