February 23, 2011

So much has been going on with our efforts in Haiti and our partnership with Pastor Eduoard. Here are some details:

Pastor Eduoard is coming to San Diego

Pastor Eduoard and our friend Jonathan will are coming to Journey! We are so excited to welcome them to our church and to San Diego. They will be at the weekend services on March 18 & 20. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet them in person.

March Haiti Trip

Our largest trip yet, we have 20 people traveling to Haiti in March to continue our work with the church, the medical clinic and the Son of God Orphanage.

Other Churches are stepping up

Timberline Church in Fort Collins, Colorado is sending a medical team to Haiti to work in the medical clinic and evaluate each child living at the Son of God Orphanage. We are praying that this church might partner long term to help make the medical clinic sustainable.

Gateway Community Church in Escondido are going to Haiti in May. Our own Andy Blank and John Gates will be traveling with the team from Gateway, and again we are praying for partners in our work in Haiti.

More Journey in Haiti trips

A team is going in May, and the Journey High School group is planning a trip in July.

Needs and Prayer Requests

Our efforts need continual prayer. So much has been accomplished, but the need is great and our goal is to make whatever we do in Haiti sustainable for the long-term. Please keep the efforts in your prayers.  We are also in need of a Medical Project Manager to keep the clinic operations running smoothly. This could be someone in San Diego, or someone in Haiti. In addition, there is an ongoing challenge to identify costs and to plan for how to continue to raise funds for our partnership.


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