New Medical Clinic Opens in Haiti

January 29, 2011

As the one year anniversary of Haiti’s devastating earthquake arrived, Pastor Eduard’s dream to open a medical clinic in his neighborhood became a reality. With a team of people from Journey leading the effort and bringing in medical supplies and expertise, the clinic opened on Thursday, January 20, 2011.

Andy Blank, who has traveled to Haiti four times to help coordinate Journey’s partnership with Pastor Eduard’s church, reflects on the journey so far:

Our first trip to Haiti was in July, we met with Pastor Eduard and he told us about his goal of having a much needed medical clinic in the community of Carrefour. After 6 months, several meetings and our 4th trip to Haiti, we successfully opened the medical clinic and assisted Pastor Eduard in seeing his dream realized.

There is SO much effort that went into making this a successful project. So many people have donated time and resources to make this happen.

To see the line of people in the morning and to talk with them and make balloon animals for the kids was awesome. The local community was SO excited to have a medical clinic.

The clinic was successfully opened and remains open today… our doctor in Haiti saw patients TODAY.

We now have the opportunity to visit Carrefour in the future and continue to assist Pastor Eduard with his medical clinic.

One of the team members who traveled to Haiti to help open the clinic was Josh Lawson. In his blog, he shared some of his experience:

The opening day of the clinic was upon us…..Watching people start to line up and being able to see Andy, Kristell, Pastor Eduard, and Dr. Carlo praying and cutting the ribbon to open this clinic, which was just a vision for a long time, was amazing.  The pillar of honor and humanity, John Jacques, was there with a few other policeman to protect us in case things got out of hand.  They had machine guns and bullet proof vests….can you say AWESOME.  My role of runner and list boy, were quickly found to be just as crucial as any other part of this machine we call the clinic.  I just kept moving and when people needed things I was able to get them.   My personality meshed right in with all the others and I quickly felt right at home.   Relationships and bonds have formed with the members of the team as well as dear friends in Haiti….no words can explain…..  just Love.

Check out more of Josh’s blog post here.

So here we are. One year later. Hundreds of people involved: praying — giving —- going. And there is more to come….



  1. Praise God for the vision,
    and Journey’s response.

    What a great team partnership!!!


  2. Praise God from whom all blessings flow…. It was an amazing adventure to have gone to Haiti with an awesome medical team, hand picked by God to see this dream come alive. It’s incredible to be one tiny part of the body that ministers to our neighbors. I’m so excited to read about it here! Thank you Daddy God & please continue to provide for our Haitian family.

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