News from the ground in Haiti

December 14, 2010

One of our partners that our December team was anticipating working with while in Haiti this week is Toya from AIM (Adventures in Missions). She was going to work with our team toward accomplishing our goals for the trip, which included continuing to prepare the medical clinic for its January opening and throwing a Happy Birthday Jesus party for the children at the Son of God Orphanage.

Although our team was held up because of canceled plane flights and the turmoil in Haiti, Toya continued to work to help us move forward. Here is an excerpt from a note she sent the team about what she’s been doing in their absence:

“It’s been great talking with you and getting all the work done here. We accomplished a lot today. We shopped from 7 a.m. until 2:00 today and then spent a bunch of time unloading stuff at the clinic and Pastor Ed’s house.

Purchased today:
27 – 55 lb bags of rice
10 – 100 lb bags of beans
40 half Gallons of Oil
500 bags to parcel all the stuff out
50 gallons of white paint and 4 gallons of green.

The clinic is looking good. They used money that you gave them before to fix all the cracks in the building and get the toilet and sink in as well as the electric hooked up. I posted photo’s on my facebook. I will share them on your page whenever they finish loading.

Going to Port au Prince tomorrow, if all is well, to begin purchasing items for the Christmas party.”

– Toya

God is good. All the time.


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