Supplies needed for Medical Clinic opening

November 2, 2010

We’re working hard to prepare for the opening of the new Medical Clinic with our sister church in Haiti. The following is a list of supplies we need for the Clinic. We need your help! Please bring your donations to church any time before December 31st.

Use your Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

Did you know that you can use your Flexible Spending Account funds to buy supplies for Haiti? Most of the items on our list qualify as covered items under FSA’s. So, if you have extra funds in your account that you need to spend before the end of the year, consider a donation to our Medical Clinic in Haiti.

Also, Drugstore.com has an FSA store/ tab where everything in it qualfies for FSA reimbursement.  If you purchase $50 or more of products, the shipping is free.  It is easy and convenient to do this.

Clinic Supplies Needed:

Wound Care Items:

• Gloves (sterile & clean)

• First aid antibiotic ointment

• Sterile and non-sterile gauze

• Gauze rolls (kerlix)

• Band-Aids (all sizes)

• Sterile Q-tips

• Hydrogen Peroxide

• Betadine solution

Ortho / Rehabilitation Items:

• Elastic ace bandage in 3”or 4” width

• Braces for back, knee, ankle, wrist, elbow, and shoulder slings

• Splints (extremity)

• Crutches (child and adult)

• Moleskin

• Thermometers (oral, tympanic and rectal)


• Hand sanitizer / wipes

• Carbineer clips

• Drug resource medical book

• Disposable cloths for cleaning

• Duct tape

• Oral care kits

• Medication scored /spoon dispensers

• Med cups (30ml’s)

• Plastic medication pill bags 2×3 & 3×5

• Tape measures

• Pen lights

• Ear wax removal kit

• Tongue depressors

• Batteries (all sizes)

• Alcohol prep pads

• Baby wipes (unscented preferred)

• Plastic zip-lock bags (quart &gallon)

• Clip boards (10)

• Small head lights /portable lights/flash lights

• Kleenex (small packs)

• Diapers (infant and adult)

• Mosquito nets

• Blank labels

• Small bars of soap

• Flip flop sandals (all sizes)

• Water purifiers (portable bottle filers)

• Tooth brushes / tooth paste /floss

• Disposable hot & cold packs

• Large plastic tarps

• Stickers for children

• Hammer (2) and nails

• Bed sheets to use as curtains

• File folders for patient records

• Plastic pans for procedure use

• Large and small trash bags

• Kitchen gloves

• Extension cords

• Small portable fans

• Rope

Medications: (****must not be expired****)

Over the counter medications / Supplements:

• Tylenol (infant, child, adult doses)

• Motrin (child and adult)

• Benadryl, Zyrtec

• Artificial tears / eye drops

• Desitin cream

• Hydrocortisone cream

• Tums

• Oral rehydration salts

• Zantac

• Fleets enema

• Dulcolax

• Immodium

• Cough medication (tabs)

• Sleep aids

• Little noses saline wash

• Cerumenex ear drops

• Vitamins (prenatal, adult, children and infants), Iron (ferrous salt) (infant, child and adult), Vitamin C, A, Foliate

If you have questions regarding donations please email Journey in Haiti Medical Team at jcchaitimedteam@gmail.com


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