Supporting Our Partner Church with Micro Loans

September 23, 2010

Because of the generous gifts from the Journey family, we have been able to give out micro loans to several members of our partner church family. Coordinated through our partner on the ground, AIM (Adventures in Missions), we lent a total of $1500, giving five people $300 loans. These loans will be paid back over eight months the fund and then the funds will be reloaned to others.

Our micro loan partners are:

Lizzette Jean Baptist – She has been doing business (street vending) for 19 years. She changes locations and product as the need demands. When AIM met with her she was selling shoes and socks, but was about to switch to more “back to school” type stuff.

William Michel – William is an elder in the church. He sells small electronic things like batteries, radios and flashlights. He’s been doing it for a little over a year to support his family. He previously worked in a factory.

Marie Ange Compere – Marie has been selling groceries like spaghetti, eggs, milk, peanut butter, etc. for the past two years.

Elise Desir – Elise has done a lot of business in the past but had to start over after the earthquake. She sells mostly grocery items like rice and soup.

Enith Saint Felipe – Enith is experienced and has received micro loans in the past. She has been in business for five years and sells sandals, sneakers and shoes.

L to R: Lizette, Marie Ange, Elise, Pastor Eduoard, William, Enith and Andy

Although the amount of the micro loans is small, all of the people receiving them were very thankful and told the AIM representative that just having the opportunity to purchase a few more products to resell would help them generate a little bit more money.

Matt from AIM told us this particular group of people from our sister church were especially meaningful to work with. “They were very genuine people and after we signed contracts and distributed the money, they huddled in the back of the church and prayed and sang worship songs together.”

One life at a time….we CAN make a difference.


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