Haiti September Update

September 13, 2010

Since the devastating earthquake in Haiti, the people of Journey have been praying and working to provide relief and hope in a country hit hard with poverty, hunger and suffering.

Our vision: Pray-Give-Go has grown out of our Church-to-Church partnership with Pastor Eduoard’s congregation in Port-au-Prince.
So much has been happening. Here are some highlights:

Project Goals set

We strive to be good stewards of the resources, money and time people are pouring into Journey in Haiti. The organizing team has been developing a Project Plan that will help us prioritize and determine what resources and how much money we need to accomplish our goals.

Project Goals include:
1) Get the medical clinic up and running as soon as possible and take steps to ensure its ongoing operation
2) Improve the quality of care the orphans are receiving at the Son of God orphanage
3) Ensure that the kids at our partner church have access to education
4) Take steps to eliminate hunger among members of our partner church

Upcoming trips

A team is heading to Haiti in September, with other trips planned through the end of the year.

October 21-16 (tentative dates): Construction team to get Medical Clinic ready; Nurture team to work with children at orphanage

December 9-14 (tentative dates): Pre-clinic advance team and Nurture team

January 13-18 (tentative dates): Medical team to open Clinic and provide medical assessments for all orphanage children and members of our partner church

What is Church-to-Church?

Church-to-Church means Journey has partnered with a local church in Haiti, with the help of the international organization Adventures in Missions (). With AIM’s help we are praying for Pastor Edouard’s people, going to provide relief and help and giving to help support the project. See more about AIM.


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