Advance Team Brings Back News from Haiti

July 16, 2010

Our advance team returned from their trip to Haiti on July 8, bringing with them news from our partner church, Christian Union by Faith Church, and many ideas for how to proceed with our Journey in Haiti efforts. As you can imagine, the needs in Haiti are immense. Our group focused their time on identifying the most pressing needs and getting to know our partners so that we can move forward with our efforts to help them with both short and long term needs.
Pastor Edouard told us that his priorities right now are:

  1. 1. Getting the Medical Clinic up and running
  2. 2. Educating the children in his congregation
  3. 3. Feeding his people

Here is how our team responded while in Haiti:
Medical Clinic and Cots
The team took with them the money raised by the people of Journey to purchase the basics to set up the clinic. They got a list of supplies with the doctor involved with the Clinic and set out to find what they could. Supplies were very difficult to find, but they purchased $800 of supplies and made arrangements to purchase a refrigerator and a generator for the Clinic.

The team also purchased cots for some of Pastor Edouard’s people and a supply of food for the church. In addition, the team spent time helping to connect the pastors of the church with the people at the Son of God Orphanage.

Son of God Orphanage
Our team found more than 100 children at the Son of God Orphanage in dire need. They had no food and were sleeping on the ground. They immediately purchased a truckload of food and delivered it to the orphanage. But the ongoing need is great. We are currently looking at the best way to support the orphanage on a long term basis and some initial plans include going back to build bunk beds for the children. The communal use of sleeping mats on the ground puts the kids at risk for Scabies.

The day the team arrived the orphanage sewage system had overflowed (a 95 foot hole in the ground). The team provided the money to pump and clean out the hole. This effort provided more sanitary conditions and will last for five years.

So what’s next? Here are some highlights of our coming efforts.

  • A Partnership Plan is in the works. This plan will outline specifically how we want to help, what we will do and how much money it will take to accomplish our goals. This will align their needs with our efforts and help us understand the financial resources we need to raise to move forward.
  • Due to the logistics on the ground, it seems better to send small teams. We are beginning to plan for our next small teams to go, which will most likely be a medical team, a construction team, and a team of people who feel called to go to spend time and love on the kids at the Son of God Orphanage and to pray with and for the people in the communities we are supporting. We are working to pull the details of these trips together.
  • Adventures in Missions (AIM) is a great resource for us, and is our “on the ground” contact. They will be helping us facilitate several ideas, including more trips to Haiti, a micro loan program for members of the church in Haiti and helping us to foster the relationships between the church and the orphanage, which are located just blocks apart. The relationship between the church and the orphanage is very new and prayer is essential for this effort to take root.

Next Steps
We need to hear from you! If you are interested in being involved, please fill out the survey and let us know. Click here to take survey We are in the process of mobilizing our efforts and want to include everyone who is interested.

If you have any questions, please email Journey in Haiti and we will get back to you.


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