Journey Rocks It! $21,696.95 raised!

June 21, 2010

This weekend the people of Journey Community Church raised almost $22,000 for our sister congregation in Haiti! Wow! It was so incredible to see people respond. Here is the plan for this first seed money.

The money will go toward:
• Set up the medical clinic ($3000)
• Purchase 40 cots for people in Pastor Edouard’s church ($3,480)
• Help 5 individuals with start up costs, $300 each, to begin their businesses ($900)
• Feed 100 adults for a week ($2,433)
• Pay for a doctor and nurse to provide care for 6 months ($3990)
• Feed 126 kids at the Son of God Orphanage 1 day/week for one year! ($4940)
• Purchase tents ($3854 balance of funds)

We’ll be collecting money again this weekend so that we can take as many supplies as possible when the first team heads to Haiti on July 2. We will continue to post news and plans as they emerge. Thank you Journey!!!



  1. holy rice & beans. this is great news!

  2. That is remarkable!!! Praise God!

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