Pray – Give – Go

June 16, 2010

The aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti and the desperate needs of the people have touched the hearts of many at Journey Community Church. As a church, we are mobilizing our support by partnering with Pastor Edouard, who leads a church in the community of Carrefour (pronounced Kafu) in the  Port-au-Prince area. It’s a Church-to-Church partnership where the people of Journey Community Church are reaching out to a Haitian congregation.

Here’s the dream….

What if 126 orphans were being fed today.

What if  a Haitian community was receiving health care for the first time in more than a year and a half.

What if nobody had to sleep on the ground tonight.

Here is what we are focusing on:


  • Pray for the people of Haiti and for the local leaders in Haiti who are rising up to lead the people through this devastation
  • Pray for resources to get on the ground in Haiti: food, medicine, supplies and manpower
  • Pray for God to reveal His will in all aspects of Journey in Haiti
  • Pray for how you can get involved


  • Your time
  • Your money – donations can be given to JCC and designated for the Haiti Project
  • Your skills


  • Join a team from Journey
  • Join an Adventures in Mission trip (click here)

The immediate needs we are addressing include:

Medical Clinic

Pastor Edouard has an empty storefront waiting to be used as a medical clinic. There is a one time cost of $3000 to outfit the clinic with medical supplies, equipment and lab materials. The cost to staff the clinic with a doctor and a nurse is $665 a month. The total cost to outfit the clinic and support the clinic staff is about $11,000 a year.

Nobody Sleeping on the Ground

Most of Pastor Edouard’s congregation lost their homes in the earthquake. Some are still sleeping on the ground. The immediate need is to provide 40 cots and 20 tents. The cost of one cot is $87.

Everybody Fed

There is a desperate need for food. $146 will buy rice, beans and cooking oil to feed six adults for one week.

Son of God Orphanage

The children at the Son of God Orphanage need food. $95 will feed the 126 children at the orphanage for one day.

What’s Next?

We’re in the early planning stages, but so many in the Journey family have expressed an interest in joining together to help. Right now we are trying to find out who wants to be involved and how people want to help. Subscribe to the blog (see the link on the right that says “Sign Me Up!”. We’ll be updating this blog with news and plans as they come together.



  1. This is so do-able and this is the direction of Isaiah 58 in answer to our prayer/fasting for Journey ” Is this not the fast that I have chosen…..is it not to divide our bread with the hungry and bring the homeless into our home (our church body)”…and so our bondage is broken as well. This is a path of maturity; and as such is not to be abandoned when the going gets sacrificial.

  2. We are ready to rock this thing and have been praying since Ed and Marko’s message. Please keep us in the loop…My wife and I are looking to go and bring our kids to help…

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